Malaysian Natalie Teh quits job to become full-time poker pro.

After a series of good results in poker the 28 year old Malaysian is now pursing career as a poker professional.
Before her success Natalie Teh Siew-po worked at a local video streaming provider, similar to US Netflic.

Having born in Kuala Lumpur she used to play poker with her college friends but never thought about becoming professional.

After playing both live and online poker she has managed to win US$150 000 and it looks like this is only the beginning. Currently she is the #1 female poker player from Malaysia.

When asked about her game nNtalie quickly replies, “ My strength is that I am not an emotional person, even my friends have called me a robot and I think this gives me advantage when playing poker.”

Was it hard to quit job and pursue career in poker?

I was assistant of chief executive in AirAsia. When he got the offer in iFlix ( the Malaysian version of Netflix) he invited me to join him. It was not a difficult decision, although I was not in the iflix team when they started I still feel proud of what we have achieved”

Quitting a job is always difficult, but luckily I still have some shares in iflix and I hope they will do well. Office job has its perks but I don’t want to do that for all my life.

Poker players life means a lot of traveling, how does your private life cope with the travelling and pressure?

For me it wasn’t as difficult as people often think. My boyfriend Christopher Michael Soyza is also a professional poker player and now we can travel the world together. He is currently ranked 15th in the world so I still have a long way to go.

Does you have any prior experience in competitive sports?

Before going to work, Natalie Teh was the #1 foosball player in Asia. “ I player foosball for many years and really enjoyed it. I got to travel and play a lot of international tournaments, but now it is poker over foosball.”

When asked about her ambitions in poker Natalie Teh said that , “ I would like to rise higher in the femal global poker index, if I could finish in top 10 in 2019 that would be amazing. I have always wanted to start something of my own and maybe mix poker and technology to develop something new.

We wish luck to Natalie Teh and look forward to more wins!

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