Basic Rules of the slots Game

Slots are probably one of the simplest but most popular online casino games. Their main attraction? The fact that anybody can play. There are no strategies to learn, no tricks, and no rules regarding how the game is played. Simply pick a slot machine, place your bet, and go.

Basic Rules of the Game

Because there are hundreds – if not thousands – of options when it comes to playing online slots, the rules of the game vary constantly. Once you’ve picked a machine, you should always read the fine print to understand what’s considered a winning combination and what the payouts are.

Most machines do have a few things in common. For example, the machines will be either three or five reels (columns), with one, three, or five paylines (rows). The more lines and reels a slot has, the more combinations you can choose to play and the higher the payout is going to be.

The next thing to look for is how bets are set up. Some online slots have bet maximums. This is often five coins but it could be higher if you have a machine with a high number of playlines and reels. Machines come in penny, nickel, dime, and quarter denominations, which means your bet could be five pennies or five quarters – a large difference when it comes time to cash out. Dollar machines, although less common, are also available.

Bonuses, Extra Winnings, and More

Aside from the potential combinations when playing slots, most machines have a number of bonus symbols that can increase your chances of winning big. For example, wild symbols work like a poker, substituting for any symbols to complete winning playlines or reels.  In some machines, wild symbols also act as multipliers, increasing your payout.

Most slots also have bonus features — such as free spins features or secret bonus rounds — that are triggered when you get a combination of three or four special symbols on the screen. One thing to remember about bonuses in slots is that there’s no strategy that would allow you to unlock them. You will either get the winning combination that triggers a bonus or you will not, so just keep playing and count yourself lucky if you happen to trigger one of the bonuses.

Choosing the Right Machine

With slots, you can choose based on the type of machine you like (the graphics, the theme) or go with one based on the type of payouts they offer. In most cases, placing your cursor over a slot game will tell you the basics of that slot machine, including the number of reels and playlines it offers and what type of bets and payouts you can expect.